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I have listened carefully to seniors across my district, and have heard their thoughtful comments about Medicare.Your concerns have been incorporated into the budget bill I voted for and for that reason our legislation does not change Medicare for anyone 55 and older.

However, Medicare will go bankrupt if we do nothing. We in Congress have a moral obligation to save this program for future generations. We cannot continue down this road. I supported PROTECTING Medicare by ensuring no changes for those in or near retirement, and PRESERVING Medicare with true choice and competition for future generations.

Under the plan I supported, Medicare will let future retirees choose from competing plans that fit their needs best, offering the same kinds of choices Members of Congress have. Under the plan, a future retiree would receive a list of Medicare-approved guaranteed coverage options offered on a regulated Medicare exchange, and would select a plan that best meets his or her needs.

We also need to root out waste, fraud and abuse from the Medicare system. The chief actuary for Medicare has said that as much as $150 billion in the program is wasted yearly. Allowing fraud and abuse to continue is wrong and is why the plan I supported helps to stop it.

Medicare Legislation of Note:

114th Congress

H.R. 284          H.R. 775         H.R. 1190

113th Congress

H.R. 351          H.R. 963          H.R. 1250          H.R. 1717          H.R. 2305          H.R. 2375          H.R. 1179          H.R. 713          H.R. 4015          H.R. 1201

112th Congress

H.R. 452          H.R. 1041          H.R. 1044          H.R. 1063          H.R. 3269
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