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Vinton County

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*Photographs Courtesy of Chad Wilkins - Glenford, Ohio.

Vinton County

Vinton County is located in the Appalachian foothills of Southeastern Ohio.  Founded in 1850, the county reached a population of 13,435 in 2010.  Most of the county’s population resides in the county’s seat, McArthur Village.

Vinton County is home to a number of State Parks, State Forests, and part of the Wayne National Forest, which serve as ideal destinations for backpacking, camping, hunting, trapping, and fishing. Some of the local area attractions and events include the Wild Turkey Festival, Ridgetop Music Festival, and Vinton County Air Show.

Some of Vinton County’s major employers include: Austin Powder Co., the Vinton County National Bank, Crownover Lumber Company, Huston Nursing Home, Sands Hill Coal Hauling Co., and Vinton County Local School District.

Links to Vinton County Local Websites:

Vinton County 
Vinton County Convention and Visitors Bureau
Vinton County Department of Veterans Services
Herbert Wescoat Memorial Library
Lake Alma State Park
Village of Hamden
Village of McArthur
Village of Wilkesville
Village of Zaleski
Vinton County Jr. Fair
The Vinton County Courier

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