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I believe the American people deserve a better health care solution than Obamacare. Congress needs to fully repeal it and move forward with a deliberate, thoughtful, patient-centered approach that reduces the cost of health care across the board. That is why I have voted over 50 times to repeal, dismantle, or defund the health care law’s most harmful provisions. I remain fully committed to stopping this deeply flawed health care law, which has destroyed jobs, caused millions to lose their health insurance and inflicted unnecessary mandates on the American people.

A plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA) through reconciliation was introduced in the House of Representatives on March 6, 2017.  The American Health Care Act (AHCA), set forth by Representative Diane Black (R-TN) and House Republicans, included many provisions that have long been bipartisan goals for health care reforms, such as coverage for preexisting conditions, the allowance for young adults to stay on their parents' coverage until age 26, banning lifetime limits on coverage; prohibited gender rating, and incentivized preventative care to help avoid dangerous illness and injuries that contribute to larger costs to our healthcare system.  Ultimately, this legislation was pulled from consideration on March 24, 2017.

While I will remain committed to repairing our broken health care system, it became clear that this recent reform effort was not a perfect piece of legislation.  However, it is also clear that the American people deserve better than the status quo of that Obamacare has offered.  The need to provide relief from harmful mandates and one-size-fits-all policy has never been more critical as families will continue to see rising premiums and deductibles, which puts quality care further out of reach.

Moving ahead in the 115th Congress I intend to continue to work to provide patient centered reforms to fix our broken health care system. That includes ensuring those with pre-existing conditions are able to access health care, and allowing small businesses and employers to band together to create association health plans to better negotiate with large insurance companies.

VIDEO: CLICK HERE to watch a video of Stivers speaking on the need to reform health care.
VIDEO: CLICK HERE to watch a Stivers' floor speech on ensuring young adults have access to health care.
VIDEO: CLICK HERE to see Stivers' floor speech on November 11, 2013 on the Keep Your Health Plan Act.
VIDEO: CLICK HERE for video of Stiver's one minute speech on January 8, 2014 on volunteer firefighters impacted by Obamacare. 

Health Care Legislation of Note:

115th Congress

H.R. 1121          H.R. 1101          H.R. 173          H.R. 314          H.R. 592          H.R. 820          H.R. 1017          H.R. 1156           H.R. 1204          H.R. 1222           H.R. 1298           H.R. 1565          H.R. 1838          H.R. 2051          H.R. 2077          H.R. 2113          H.R. 1613         

114th Congress

H.R. 1624          H.R. 169          H.R. 631          H.R. 815          H.R. 836          H.R. 865          H.R. 928          H.R. 1342          H.R. 1427          H.R. 1530          H.R. 1886          H.R. 2403         H.R. 2911        H.R. 1185         H.R. 1192          H.R. 1209          H.R. 1220          H.R. 1221          H.R. 1312          H.R. 1342          H.R. 1455          H.R. 1559          H.R. 2241          H.R. 2342          H.R. 2646          H.R. 2739          H.R. 3323          H.R. 4365          H.R. 5447

113th Congress

H.R. 207          H.R. 297          H.R. 401          H.R. 487          H.R. 581          H.R. 582          H.R. 607          H.R.647          H.R. 762          H.R. 763          H.R. 486          H.R. 940          H.R. 1427          H.R. 1717          H.R. 1798          H.R. 1830          H.R. 1984          H.R. 2009          H.R. 2019          H.R. 2328          H.R. 2375          H.R. 2682          H.R. 2809          H.R. 523          H.R. 544          H.R. 763          H.R. 1761          H.R. 2575          H.R. 3121          H.R. 3350

112th Congress

H.R. 2          H.R. 4          H.R. 452          H.R. 984           H.R. 1173          H.R. 1370          H.R. 2077          H.R. 2086          H.R. 2104          H.R. 2108          H.R. 2288          H.R. 2500          H.R. 2529          H.R. 2600          H.R. 2695          H.R. 2874          H.R. 3067          H.R. 3269          H.R. 3423          H.R. 4091          H.R. 4341          H.R. 6118

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