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I believe the American people deserve a better health care solution than Obamacare. Congress needs to fully repeal it and move forward with a deliberate, thoughtful, patient-centered approach that reduces the cost of health care across the board. That is why I have voted over 50 times to repeal, dismantle, or defund the health care law’s most harmful provisions. I remain fully committed to stopping this deeply flawed health care law, which has destroyed jobs, caused millions to lose their health insurance and inflicted unnecessary mandates on the American people.

On May 4, 2017, the House of Representatives passed H.R. 1628, the American Health Care Act (AHCA) that seeks to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Though it is not a perfect bill, I believe this is a first step in fixing the issues of the bureaucracy and the out-of-control costs of the ACA. The AHCA works to protect people with pre-existing conditions. Instead of placing a tax on every individual and American business, this legislation encourages participation in the health care marketplace by providing protections for those who maintain their coverage and rewards them by making sure they cannot be denied coverage.

Additionally, this legislation provides help for those who lose their job or face a change in circumstances that could cause them to lose their insurance by requiring states and the public marketplace to develop protections so that the patient has a choice in where and how they get their health coverage. The AHCA provides close to $140 billion in assistance as part of the Patient and State Stability Fund to help states develop programs for their most critical health needs. The AHCA specifically sets dollars aside for maternity coverage, newborn care, mental health and substance abuse treatment, and, most importantly, these dollars can be flexible to reflect that state’s population and help those most at risk.

On June 22, 2017, the Senate released its initial version of the House-passed bill, the Better Care Reconciliation Act and recently the Senate considered other various versions of a health care repeal.  The Senate is continuing to debate health care legislation.  

VIDEO: CLICK HERE to watch a video of Stivers speaking on the need to reform health care.
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VIDEO: CLICK HERE to see Stivers' floor speech on November 11, 2013 on the Keep Your Health Plan Act.
VIDEO: CLICK HERE for video of Stiver's one minute speech on January 8, 2014 on volunteer firefighters impacted by Obamacare. 

Health Care Legislation of Note:

115th Congress

H.R. 1121          H.R. 1101          H.R. 173          H.R. 314          H.R. 592          H.R. 820          H.R. 1017          H.R. 1156           H.R. 1204          H.R. 1222           H.R. 1298           H.R. 1565          H.R. 1838          H.R. 2051          H.R. 2077          H.R. 2113          H.R. 1613         

114th Congress

H.R. 1624          H.R. 169          H.R. 631          H.R. 815          H.R. 836          H.R. 865          H.R. 928          H.R. 1342          H.R. 1427          H.R. 1530          H.R. 1886          H.R. 2403         H.R. 2911        H.R. 1185         H.R. 1192          H.R. 1209          H.R. 1220          H.R. 1221          H.R. 1312          H.R. 1342          H.R. 1455          H.R. 1559          H.R. 2241          H.R. 2342          H.R. 2646          H.R. 2739          H.R. 3323          H.R. 4365          H.R. 5447

113th Congress

H.R. 207          H.R. 297          H.R. 401          H.R. 487          H.R. 581          H.R. 582          H.R. 607          H.R.647          H.R. 762          H.R. 763          H.R. 486          H.R. 940          H.R. 1427          H.R. 1717          H.R. 1798          H.R. 1830          H.R. 1984          H.R. 2009          H.R. 2019          H.R. 2328          H.R. 2375          H.R. 2682          H.R. 2809          H.R. 523          H.R. 544          H.R. 763          H.R. 1761          H.R. 2575          H.R. 3121          H.R. 3350

112th Congress

H.R. 2          H.R. 4          H.R. 452          H.R. 984           H.R. 1173          H.R. 1370          H.R. 2077          H.R. 2086          H.R. 2104          H.R. 2108          H.R. 2288          H.R. 2500          H.R. 2529          H.R. 2600          H.R. 2695          H.R. 2874          H.R. 3067          H.R. 3269          H.R. 3423          H.R. 4091          H.R. 4341          H.R. 6118

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