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From the Revolutionary War to those serving overseas today, members of the U.S. military over the years have bravely answered the call to serve time and time again. As a Brigadier General in the Ohio Army National Guard, I understand the importance of showing our appreciation for the service and sacrifice of our veterans. We need to do everything we can to support those who have given us our freedoms. 

HIRE AT HOME ACT: We must ensure that when our veterans return home, they have access to the proper care and the services they need to be successful. In the 112th Congress, I introduced the HIRE at Home Act to help make it easier for returning veterans in the fields of health care and transportation to find employment once they are home. I was proud to see this bill signed into law by President Obama.

HONOR THOSE WHO SERVED ACT: Implemented during my second term in Congress, the Honor Those Who Served Act made it easier to provide headstones for veterans who currently do not have a headstone, or for those whose headstones have deteriorated. 

THE PLACE OF REMEMBRANCE ACT: Also implemented in my second term of Congress, the Place of Remembrance Act created a Tomb of Remembrance at Arlington National Cemetery for the interment of veterans’ remains from every military conflict moving forward. The dedication ceremony for the Tomb of Remembrance was held in December of 2017.

NATIONAL VETERANS MEMORIAL AND MUSEUM: During both the 114th and 115th Congress, I led legislation with the entire Ohio Delegation to give national designation status to the “National Veterans Memorial and Museum” being constructed in Columbus. The museum, located at 300 West Broad Street in Columbus, Ohio, will serve as a civic landmark to honor, connect, inspire and educate all Americans about the service and sacrifice of our nation’s more than 22 million veterans. It will be the only public museum of its kind that exists for the exclusive role of sharing the experiences of veterans across all eras, conflicts and branches of the military. I was proud this legislation was signed into law on June 21, 2018.

VETERANS DOG TRAINING THERAPY ACT: [BM1] Many veterans also come home with non-physical wounds and it is important we are prepared to treat these conditions. On May 1, 2017, I reintroduced the Veterans Dog Training Therapy Act to help give veterans dealing with PTS an outlet to help themselves and other veterans. The bill would establish a pilot program to connect veterans to local service dog training organizations, which will help each veteran train service animals through proven work therapy programs to help those suffering from PTS. 


On June 25, 2019, I introduced H.R. 3147, which would authorize the VA to provide service dogs to veterans with mental health needs who do not have a mobility, vision, or hearing need. This would close an existing loophole that exists between Congressionally-passed law and VA-promulgated regulations.

VETERANS’ ACCESS TO CARE: I also voted in favor of the VA MISSION Act, which was signed into law during the 115th Congress. This law provided $5 billion to the existing Veterans Choice program to expand the care-in-the-community infrastructure. The bill also provided funding to train and hire additional physicians and medical staff, with an emphasis on improving mental health services. It is clear that much needs to be accomplished so our veterans can receive the care they earned and deserve.

I would like to thank all our veterans and those currently serving our nation so bravely.  If you have a VA casework issue, please do not hesitate to contact my office at 740-654-2654 or click here to find answers to the most commonly asked questions about the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

VIDEO: CLICK HERE for a video from NBC4 of Stivers touring the future site of the “National Veterans Memorial and Museum.”
VIDEO: CLICK HERE for a video of Stivers speaking before the Veteran Affairs Subcommittee on Health on July 14, 2015 for the Veterans Dog Training Therapy Act.
for a video of Stivers speaking on the House Floor on April 29, 2015 about his Amendment to the FY2016 Military Construction and Veterans Affairs Appropriations.
to view a video of Stivers honoring Colonel Thomas Moe.
VIDEO: CLICK HERE to view a video of Stivers' Memorial Day remarks.
VIDEO: CLICK HERE to see "The House Freshmen who Have Served 9/11 Tribute" video.
VIDEO: CLICK HERE to watch Stivers' wish the Army a Happy 237th Birthday. 
VIDEO: CLICK HERE to see a video of Steve announcing his introduction of the HIRE at Home Act, legislation that will help get veterans back to work.
VIDEO: CLICK HERE to watch Stivers testify in support of his Place of Remembrance Act.
VIDEO: CLICK HERE to watch Stivers testify in support of his veterans jobs bill, the HIRE at Home Act.
VIDEO: CLICK HERE to watch Stivers' message to vets on Veterans Day 2013. 

Veterans Legislation of Note:

115th Congress

H.R. 299          H.R. 611          H.R. 846          H.R. 1206          H.R. 1989          H.R. 1993          H.R. 2372             H.R. 2648           H.R. 303           H.R. 506           H.R. 874          H.R. 1384          H.R. 1900          H.R. 1972          H.R. 2147          H.R. 2198          H.R. 2225          H.R. 2648          H.R. 2683           H.R. 2733           H.R. 4099           H.R. 4312

114th Congress

H.R. 203          H.R. 288          H.R. 341          H.R. 423          H.R. 607          H.R. 960          H.R. 969          H.R. 1302          H.R. 1338          H.R. 1384        H.R. 3101           H.R. 313            H.R. 359         H.R. 22           H.R. 868          H.R. 1100         H.R. 1475         H.R. 1594          H.R. 1818          H.R. 3414          H.R. 3580          H.R. 3870          H.R. 3970          H.R. 4087          H.R. 4252          H.R. 4352          H.R. 4381          H.R. 6046           H.R. 6108           H.R. 6124

113th Congress

H.R. 32          H.R. 164          H.R. 241          H.R. 258          H.R. 303          H.R. 318          H.R. 333          H.R. 357          H.R. 503          H.R. 520          H.R. 543          H.R. 569          H.R. 596          H.R. 635          H.R. 894          H.R. 958          H.R. 1209          H.R. 1237          H.R. 1813          H.R. 2062          H.R. 2819         H.Res.128          H.R. 570          H.R. 690          H.R. 894          H.R. 958          H.R. 984          H.R. 1131          H.R. 1971           H.R. 183          H.R. 324            H.R. 401          H.R. 435          H.R. 679         H.R. 690          H.R. 755          H.R. 803          H.R. 833          H.R. 975          H.R. 1620          H.R. 1726          H.R. 1971          H.R. 2016          H.R. 2310          H.R. 2785          H.R. 2906          H.R. 3045         H.R. 3111          H.R. 3384          H.R. 2658          H.R. 3787          H.R. 3788          H.R. 3789          H.R. 3790          H.Res.128        H.R. 4031         H.R. 4261         H.R. 4446          H.R. 4810         H.R. 5059           H.R. 5172           H.R. 5349            H.Con.Res. 98

112th Congress

H.R. 208          H.R. 1154          H.R. 2051          H.R. 2433          H.R. 3216          H.R. 4115          H.R. 5735          H.R. 5983          H.R. 5984          H.R. 5985
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