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Rep. Stivers congratulates the first graduate of the Clinton County Common Pleas Court You-Turn Recovery Docket.

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Standing Up for Women in the Military
July 29, 2019
For over three decades, I have served alongside incredibly brave women in the Ohio Army National Guard who continue to put their lives on the line for our country. However, these women should not needlessly put their health on the line when we can prevent it. The number of women joining the military continues to increase; it is estimated that there will be over two million female veterans by next year. I am glad that more women are not only joining the military, but achieving more leadership rol... More
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Statement from Rep. Stivers
July 15, 2019
The following may be attributed to Representative Steve Stivers (R-OH): “I condemn the President’s tweet calling on Members of Congress to go back to the ‘crime infested places from which they came.’ The constituents we represent sent us to Washington with a job to do – maintain our economic growth, fix our immigration system, and look out for our veterans, to start. Swapping insults on the Internet makes our jobs that much harder. The divisive rhetoric and personal attacks we’ve seen from the P... More
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Leaving a Legacy Through the Veterans History Project
July 8, 2019
47,640. That is the number of veterans currently living in the 15th Congressional District. They have served our nation in the military, fighting for the principles, freedoms, and liberties we celebrate on the 4th of July. The stories of our veterans are the story of our nation, and I am incredibly grateful to the Library of Congress that documents the stories and memories of our nation’s heroes through the Veterans History Project. With over 110,000 accounts, the Project allows future generatio... More
Press Releases
Stivers Applauds Updates to Ohio's Disaster Recovery Centers
July 8, 2019
WASHINGTON – Last month, the Presidential Disaster Declaration delivered critical funds and assistance to help communities across Ohio recover from the recent severe storms, tornadoes, floods, straight-line winds, and landslides. Beginning today, some of the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) Disaster Recovery Centers across Ohio have new operating hours. The Recovery Center located in Circleville will now open for three days: Monday July 8 through Wednesday July 10. These centers prov... More
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Can We Find Bipartisan Solutions on Immigration?
July 1, 2019
When I served as a Battalion Commander in Operation Iraqi Freedom, I worked alongside countless courageous men and women – and not just Americans. Tens of thousands of Afghan and Iraqi individuals pledged their service to our missions, serving as interpreters and support staff, and they were absolutely critical to our success. Every day in Iraq, I had an interpreter with me. He stood, literally, by my side throughout my time deployed. Never once did he turn his back on me, and I will not turn m... More
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