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Leaving a Legacy Through the Veterans History Project

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Washington, July 8, 2019 | comments

47,640. That is the number of veterans currently living in the 15th Congressional District. They have served our nation in the military, fighting for the principles, freedoms, and liberties we celebrate on the 4th of July. The stories of our veterans are the story of our nation, and I am incredibly grateful to the Library of Congress that documents the stories and memories of our nation’s heroes through the Veterans History Project. With over 110,000 accounts, the Project allows future generations to hear the stories and see the memoirs firsthand to better understand and learn from some of A47merica’s most defining moments.

No two stories are alike. For some, their time in the military was positive and gratifying, for others, it was more difficult. Regardless, their service impacted each of them, and it impacts our nation. That is why this project started in 2000 as an initiative to share a diverse array of veterans' personal experiences from every conflict since World War I. Sharing these stories will better inform and teach future generations to come who may never have the honor of learning about the realities of war directly from veterans who participated.

As a Brigadier General in the Ohio Army National Guard, and as a Member of Congress, I have had the pleasure to serve besides and meet many service members and veterans over the years.  I believe that telling their stories is one of the best and most important ways to honor their sacrifice, and that is why I am partnering with the Veterans History Project to ensure the brave men and women from Ohio’s 15th Congressional District have the opportunity to be a part of the project. If you, or a veteran you know, would like to be interviewed for the Veterans History Project, please contact my office at 740-654-2654.

Again, let’s keep these stories alive.


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